The popularity of online games among the youth is a matter of great concern. These games are mostly used to pass away time and relieve the boredom which builds up as people grow older. Most of these games involve shooting, fighting with zombies, or racing against other players. The violence in these online games is very shocking. It has led to the development of various controversies and debates on the effect of playing such violent games. Most of the children are addicted to playing these games and it has also been found that many children develop obsessive-compulsive disorder after indulging in this activity.

There are various benefits of playing online games apart from the entertainment factor. These online games enhance the reasoning ability of the child. This can be a very valuable asset as a kid grows up. These games improve the critical thinking skills which are required in order to make better decisions in the future. Hence, they help in preparing the young minds for the real world challenges ahead.

These online games also reduce the rates of stress and anxiety in adults. Stress and anxiety are very common among adults and they are found to increase the chances of heart attacks and strokes. Hence, it is important to keep all factors in mind while choosing an online game. Some of the most popular and downloaded online games are violent ones which involve shooting, fighting with zombies, or racing against other players.

The argument against violent online games is not strong enough to ban these games completely. The argument advanced is that these games are a form of communication and relaxation for children. They do not understand how much of the real world there is and hence cannot compare the world with the virtual world. Kids enjoy the thrill and excitement these games provide and are not addicted to violence. However, experts have pointed out certain areas where overuse of these games can lead to negative consequences.

It has been found that too much of online games with violence have led to negative effects like reduced social interaction and communication, reduced trust in people, increased violence among friends, and increased fighting among siblings. There are many more problems, which have been linked to these online games. The argument advanced against them is that these games are harmless fun but may lead to harmful results if not played in moderation. A lot of parents play these games with their kids and this trend has increased over the past few years. These games can be easily downloaded from the internet without any cost and without even a subscription.

With so many options to choose from, it is difficult to find a perfect game which suits everyone. The best way is to play the game that you know you will enjoy. Also, make sure that the game provider provides technical support and is available at any time of the day. Finally, to ensure that your kids get a healthy dose of fun, even after playing the game, make sure that they have adequate rest and eat a balanced diet. Healthy eating, exercise and adequate rest can help kids gain the benefits of playing online games and cut down on physical and mental health risks. You can get more information about

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